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Our Services:

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Assisted Publishing -

If you want to publish for yourself (Independent), we can help! Click the button below to learn more.

Customize A Package -

Installment Plan Options Available for Two or More Services (must be a VIP Member for installment plan)

If you just want to write and not have to deal with all the hassles of getting your latest creation ready for publication, then spend numerous frustrating hours advertising, selling, and searching for new ways of reaching the audiences you are hoping will read your work, we can help!
Click the button below to learn more and to customize a package that works best for you.
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Cover Design - Custom and Pre-made

Bookmark and check back daily!
Click the link or button below and you will be taken to our Cover Gallery. You can choose an already designed cover, or you can have a cover custom made for you.
​If you decide you would like a custom cover, let us know and we'll hook you up with one of our amazing designers.

Editing and Proofreading

You wrote it, now make it perfect!

​Editing is one of the most important steps in the editing process that is often either ignored, or editing by the author themselves. Editing your own work is extremely hard to do, and not many can do it. Some can, absolutely! But it is very rare, and not recommended.

The editing team at CMWAS take your script through several processes, ensuring your work is as perfect as possible. We take pride in our reputation, which shows in every script we return to our clients.

Click the button below to see our amazingly low prices on editing and proofreading.

Low-cost, high-quality.
We'll edit a sample of your document for free. (Click the link below to learn more.)

Extreme Advertising

Our Extreme Advertising reps follow, and continuously update and add to, a specific formula developed by CMWAS. We will pimp you and your work out in numerous social media venues (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, FB pages, Google+ and many more!) We will post consistently for each day you purchase. Our weeks aren't 5 business days, they're a full 7 days long!
Note: We do not offer less than a week of Extreme Advertising because we have too many places to pimp our clients, so we need at least a full week to do so. Also, we do not guarantee sales, that's not what this is for. We ADVERTISE you and your work, although we can say a lot of our clients have reported their sales have increased during the campaign.
Regular pricing is listed in the dropbox below.
VIP Pricing:

One Week - $65.62

Two Weeks - $131.25

One Month - $262.50

Pick Your Advertising Length

Personal Assistants

Tell us what you want/need in a personal assistant and we will find one who matches your requirements. You can choose hourly for short-term assistants, or a set fee for long-term assistance.
​Clients will receive a one hour consultation FREE with their PA which will not count against the hour(s) purchased.
​​Note! For purchasing Per-Hour Assistants, change the quantity to the amount of hours you would like during checkout. Don't forget to UPDATE!
Regular price $10 VIP $7.50 per hour

Regular Price $175 VIP $131.25 20 hours

Regular Price $350 VIP $262.50 40 hours

Author Personal Assistant
Your contact email

Professional Opinion

If you're getting a lot of bad reviews, or you have a new book and you would like a professional opinion about it, we can do that! This is much more in-depth than a typical review.

Once this service is purchased, we will contact you with instructions on how and where to send your script.

WARNING! Our reps will be brutally honest. Please keep that in mind and respect that we are simply doing what YOU paid us to do.
Regular Price $40 VIP Price $30.00 per script
(Change quantity at checkout for more than one script.)

Contact Email

Event Hosting Manager

Event Hosting Managers provide hosting of a Facebook event for you. Your manager will set up the event, invite guests, sign up takeover authors (if you choose to have takeovers), manage prizes (if you would like), contact winners, send the winners' information to the authors, and host the event on the date(s) you schedule. You are always more than welcome to co-host or host your event on your own and just have your Event Manager set it up.

Regular and VIP Price Comparisons:

4 Hours $25.00 VIP $18.75

8 Hours $40.00 VIP $30.00

24 Hours $60.00 VIP $45.00

Two Days $100.00 VIP $75.00

Three Days $155.00 VIP $116.25

One Week $380.00 VIP $285.00

Length Of Event
Contact Email

eBook and Paperback Formatting

Formatting eBooks and paperbacks can be very time-consuming, frustrating, and even just plain impossible for some. That's okay! Let us do it for you, and do it right. Simply fill out the form below and indicate the format needed, or you can choose both formats - eBook and paperback. We will contact you and get more information.
We format for all platforms - Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Createspace, printing stores, etc.

Please do not send PDF files. If a pdf script is all you have, you must convert to a doc, docx, or html or purchase the pdf to doc option below before we can format your eBook into a file that will be accepted by eBook retailers.

$45 eBook Formatting Only VIP $33.75
$75 Paperback Formatting Only VIP $56.25
$115 eBook and Paperback VIP $86.25
$65 PDF to DOC Conversion VIP $48.75

Choose your formatting
Your contact email

eBook Conversion

Stop using what little money you have to give your own eBooks out as gifts/prizes! We will convert your book(s) into all the most popular files: mobi, ePub, pdf, and more. If you need another file type, just tell us!
You MUST have a doc, docx or html file to use this service. If you do not, we can format the file you do have. Just look at our eBook and Paperback Formatting service above and choose PDF to DOC Conversion. Need help? CONTACT US.
Did you revise an ebook we've already provided for you? No problem! We will send new files FOR LIFE, FOR FREE! CONTACT US and let us know you have a revision, and include the book title and your email
$25 per book VIP $18.75
Revisions FREE for life.

Your Email

Media Set-up

Our team will assist authors in setting up social and work-related media accounts: Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, website, etc. and ensure you are confident in managing them yourself. If at anytime a client needs assistance in the future, simply let us know. You will never be charged for this service again unless you need an entire setup for a new account.
$125 Complete Set Up VIP $93.75

Contact Email

Media Kit Production

Every author, indie and traditional, should have a media kit. This makes sending all of your author information, book information and links simple for both you and the recipient. Make sure to leave your email in the Note To Seller during checkout so we can communicate with you and request your files.
Click the button below to learn more and to purchase.

Author Commercial

No, this is not a trailer! Trailers are for your work, Author Commercials are all about you! Author Commercials are a fun and awesome way to get the word out about you-the author-to the public. Your fans will love getting to know the person behind the words; and people who had never heard of you before will rush to follow you!

1 Minute $50.00 VIP $37.50

1 1/2 Minutes $75.00 VIP $56.25

2 Minutes $100.00 VIP $75.00

Choose your commercial length
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Teasers and Trailers

Our teasers are made specific to your needs and wants, which means we won't stop working on them until you're 100% happy. Use them all now, or save them for future books!

You will never pay $500, or more, for a two minute trailer with CMWAS, though you'll still receive trailers of the highest quality.

Teasers -

2 Photo Teasers $10.00 VIP $7.50

5 Photo Teasers $20.00 VIP $15.00

10 Photo Teasers $30.00 VIP $22.50

20 Photo Teasers $40.00 VIP $30.00

Trailers -

1 Minute $50.00 VIP $37.50

1 1/2 Minutes $75.00 VIP $56.25

2 Minutes $100.00 VIP $75.00

Choose Your Package
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Miscellaneous Services & Providers We Recommend:

Phycel Designs

Covers, formatting, promo graphics, etc. Also provides advanced paperback formatting with borderless chapter backgrounds and such. 


Book Reviews

Lucky 13 Book Reviews is ready to review your books!


Blog Tours & Promotions
N K Author Services would be more than happy to expand our own services for all authors! For every new client who signs up for a CMWAS VIP Membership, N K Author Services will offer 50% off any service they provide. (Offer valid after 5/19/2016 and until this offer is revoked. This offer will be removed at that time. Only good for NEW VIP membership enrollment and only for the first purchase. No cash value.)


Belinda Y. Hughes Editing

Event Hosting

Kyleigh Castronaro of the Author Explosion Event hosts this event and is eager to explode you and your work! Kyleigh's event and sign-up information can be found at this website: