C. M. Wright's Author Services

Return/Refund Policy

We do not offer returns or refunds, simply because, we don't need to. We work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the service(s) or item(s) you purchase. If, however, you do have any problems or issues, simply contact us at contact@cmwas.com or contact CM Wright directly via Facebook Messenger for instant assistance, and we will make it right. 

If no agreement can be made, after CMWAS has exhausted all reasonable efforts to correct the issue(s), we will offer a credit of the full amount paid, or for the remainder that is due after services or items used are deducted for the disputed purchased service(s) and/or item(s) to the client's account. This credit is to be used toward the purchase of any other service(s) or item(s) available by CMWAS, which can be used at any time, with no expiration date. The client (purchaser) will immediately desist and delete (if applicable) the item(s) or services such as covers, teasers, trailers etc., and will not use the disputed service(s) or item(s) if the client has obtained a credit for that particular service(s) or item(s).

  • Legal action will be taken against any client who continues to use the disputed and canceled service(s) or item(s) after a credit has been issued for the same service(s) and item(s).
  • Any client who attempts to dispute a payment to CMWAS through PayPal or any other financial institution, without first contacting CMWAS and giving CMWAS a chance to correct the issue, will be banned from future business with CMWAS. 
  • Any client who does contact us and resolves the issue with us or receives a credit, then after, still disputes payment with PayPal or any other financial institution, will be banned from future services with CMWAS, their account and services will immediately be closed, and CMWAS will seek legal action against client for theft of services/products.

CMWAS independent contractors and employees work very hard for our clients. Our clients' happiness, along with the reputation of our company, is of the utmost importance. Please give us a chance to make things right for you! Again, the email to contact us is contact@cmwas.com. You can simply click on the email address to send an email, or if you prefer to copy/paste, please include in the subject line: REFUND/RETURN.