C. M. Wright's Author Services

C. M. Wright
President - Founder

C. M. Wright started as an independent author in October 2012 and began her writing career with the Zombie Overload Series. She then went on to own and personally run the Author Explosion Event, where she brought readers and authors together. She sold the Author Explosion Event in October of 2015. 
In December 2015, C. M. decided it was time to start a business that was dedicated to the services she provides, as well as expanding the services and bringing independent contractors and company employees in to make her business grow, and to meet the demand for low-cost, high-quality work.
C. M. knows exactly how hard being an author is- Of course she does, she IS one! She knows that the expenses are often much higher than most writers' incomes, and that there are many people who claim to be editors when they are not. She knows the frustration of getting her name and work into the hands of the readers who would appreciate her work. She knows the good, bad, and the ugly in the world of writing. Because of all of that, she is passionate about helping other authors in any way she can. 

And that's where this business comes in. C. M. provides services to authors that are affordable, but are still of the highest quality. They say you get what you pay for, but with C. M. Wright's Author Services, you get more than what you pay for!

About C. M. Wright's Author Services -

All independent contractors and staff go through extensive training, testing, and more training under the supervision of C. M. Wright herself and the team leaders from each department. Authors are listened to, no matter what the issue might be, and services are adjusted to what fits best with the authors who need them. 
This company is founded on the belief that not all services need to cost more than a mortgage payment, and mediocre work isn't allowed.
The company is new, but the reputation of C. M. Wright is not. Nothing means more to her than her reputation, so you can expect superior service from this company.
We specialize in all genres, all writers and as many services as possible for a one-stop shopping experience. Authors are encouraged to communicate with the company and express their needs.

Company Morals -

Even though we love and provide services for the steamier side of writing, we must keep our morals intact and firmly in place. We hope that you will respect and admire us for having a few morals and by standing by them.

  • We absolutely will not produce images containing explicit language or nudity.
  • No plagiarism. Any independent contractor or staff caught stealing someone else's work will be terminated and legal action will be taken. We will also assist the original creator in any legal way we can. This is a very serious issue and will not be tolerated within this company.
  • Confidentiality agreements are signed by all who work for or with C. M. Wright's Author Services. Immediate termination will occur to any person breaking confidentiality to any source outside the company. Our clients should never have to worry about this issue with our company.